The Veg Team

Some of us met at events organised by Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn, others through friends or partners. Although we all have different backgrounds, we share a love of food and a concern for the environment. When we finally decided to start Field to Fork (after lots of talk), we formed a co-operative, as we believe that it is the best legal form to help us deliver more than just a sustainable profit.


Ian Kriss Managing Director


Ian has had a diverse and interesting career, after formerly being something of a rock star as front man for The Maidavailables, Ian then worked in sales and marketing, but has always grown his own food since working with his father on the family allotment "Up North" and is passionate about organic and traditional methods of food production.

Ian formed Field to Fork in 2013, after a chance meeting with Pete Richardson of Westmill Organics at the Real Farming Conference.

He drives our objectives, buys the produce from our farmers and delivers your bag on our Electric Milk Float as part of the delivery team.


Anna  Digital Marketing Manager

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Marcelle Rose  


Marcelle is our very own nutritional advisor! She is a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach and writes Field to Fork’s nutrition features including Nutritional Nuggets and Nutrient Spotlights.

Marcelle works with clients on a one-to-one basis in addition to running group programmes from her clinics in Hampstead Garden Suburb and East Finchley. She especially enjoys running nutrition talks in schools to children of all ages and to parents.

Marcelle has a special interest in the areas of digestive health, autoimmune conditions and developmental/ behavioural disorders in children and is particularly passionate about children’s nutrition.

Marcelle loves spreading the word about the benefits of good nutrition, and how to incorporate it into our everyday life. You can follow her on Facebook at and read her blogs at


The Veg Shed Team

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Our Back Office Team

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Our Volunteer Packers and Growers



Jane has worked with Field to Fork as a vegetable packer and sometime delivery person since July 2016. She used to work in the Libraries and Cultural Services in local councils and enjoys the contrasts that weighing out vegetables provides. She has met a few interesting new vegetables since starting with F2F - but nothing will convert her to eating beetroot! Oh, and she has also met some interesting new colleagues in the packing shed.


Want to join the Veg Team?

We would love to meet you and have a chat. We are always looking for people who share our passion.  You can find more information about specific roles that we need help with here: Join the Veg Team