Our produce comes mainly from Westmill Organics. It is farmed by Pete Richardson who has been growing organic veg for almost 20 years and has won numerous awards and recognitions for quality, taste and service.  Pete’s passion for organic horticulture is well known in Oxfordshire and beyond. He is a member of Thames Organic Growers and has been involved with the Soil Association for many years.

Westmill Organics

Westmill Organics – ” 100% Natural Goodness “

“At Westmill Organics we do not use any pesticides or herbicides on the land and only fertilise our soil with natural compost. Pete welcomes scheduled visits to Westmill Farm from any group who would like to see the vegetable growing in action – or help with the weeding!!”


Our Wholesaler Partners

Our Friut Bags contain British, French, Italian and Spanish produce. Any exotic fruit such as Bananas, Mangoes ect are Sea Frieghted.

During the British hungry gap, we will use our wholesalers to help make up the bags

Choice Organics: with over 30 years’ experience exclusively in the organic market, sources produce of the highest available quality, utilising longstanding relationships with experienced growers in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Other Partners

Growing Communities

Growing Communities

Field to Fork Organics Co-operative was launched with help from the Growing Communities Start-up Programme which aims to transform the food system by helping people set up local, sustainable vegetable box schemes across the country.

Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn

Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn

Some of us and some of our customers are Transition Town members. When we set up our coop they helped us with encouragement and advice.

We also purchase chutney from them which goes into our Chrstmas bags.  

From Transition Network: “What is a Transition Initiative? It’s a place where there’s a community-led process that helps that town/village/city/neighbourhood become stronger and happier.”

From Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn: “Our aim is to empower our community to start thinking positively and creatively about the twin challenges that face us: peak oil, and climate change.”

Co-operatives UK

Co-operatives UK

Give us advice and support when we need it, on any issue relating to the running of our not-just-for-profit co-op.

“Co-operatives UK is the national trade body that campaigns for co-operation and works to promote, develop and unite co-operative enterprises. Together the co-operative economy is worth some £35.6 billion and has 13.5 million members and co-operatives are the largest membership movement in the country.”

Plunkett Foundation

Plunkett Foundation 

Gave us business advice and encouragement and were a great help when we were setting up the coop.

“Sir Horace Plunkett, founder of the Plunkett Foundation, was passionate about supporting food and farming enterprises, and believed that when communities themselves take control of the issues affecting them life is better for everyone.”