Frequently Asked Questions

Will you deliver to my door?

Why do you put the vegetables in plastic or recycled paper bags?

How do I know that the bag I collect from my pick-up point is my bag and not someone else's?

Why do you ask the customers to pay up-front?

What happens when I go on holiday?

What is the difference between you and the commercial fruit & veg box guys?

Will you deliver to my door? (top)

We prefer you to collect your bags to your local pub, shop, school or cafe which is closest to your home or office. We hope you agree that this approach enables us to keep costs to a minimum.

We do however appeciate, that some people just can't make it to a pick up point and do offer a lDoorstep delivery service for an extra £2.50 (Free if you buy a Fruit and Veg bag).   

Why do you put the vegetables in paper bags? (top)

Before we launched, we discussed whether we should use plastic bags or brown paper carrier bags for the produce. Some members of the Veg Team thought it would be good to give a second life to the millions of plastic bags that live in our cupboards. Others argued that it did not make sense to order fresh organic vegetables to chuck them into plastic bags. In the end, we decided to order recycled brown paper carriers bags to treat the glorious fruit &  veg with all due respect. But to make sure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible, we need to re-use those bags as well as the bag tags as many times as possible. So we encourage our customers to return their bags and tags to their pick-up point.

How do I know that the bag I collect from my pick-up point is my bag and not someone’s else? (top)

We put biodegradable plastic tags on the Veg Bags. Not name tags, but tags saying what is inside the bag (small bag no potatoes, medium bags etc.) So, hopefully, you shouldn’t leave your pick-up point with a small bag if you have ordered a family bag -or the reverse. But, please return the plastic tags (along with your bags) this enables us to limit the number of tags that we buy. We really don’t want to pass on any unnecessary extra cost on to our customers and the tags should be able to be reused many times.

Why do you ask the customers to pay up-front? (top)

We ask you to pay us up-front for one month at the start of each month (by direct debit). It’s a way to minimise the amount of time and money we spend on administration and enables us to pay our farmers quickly to help with thier cashfloww. Should you wish to cancel at any time, you just need to give us 8 days notice before your next pick-up date so that we can make the administration arrangements and pay you back the money we owe you for the weeks remaining until the end of the month.

What happens when I go on holiday? (top)

You just tell us 8 days before your next Veg Bag delivery date and we will pause your Veg Bag deliveries. If you tell us in advance, before the 1st the month when we administer the direct debit payments, we will only charge you for the weeks that you are going to able to pick-up your bag. If you tell us after the direct debit payment has been taken, then we will action a refund as described in the answer above.

If you’re going away, either complete the form here or email us at

What is the difference between you and the big commercial veg box schemes? (top)

We’are passioate about provding you with the best produce we can find at an affordable price.

We work in partnership with our farmers and pay then well (unlike the supermarkets).

We may even give you a hug after you’ve been with us for some time.

Apart from that, we are a community-driven Coperative. We want to empower people living in North West London. We believe that buying directly from local farmers is the way to support a sustainable, resilient food system, that will see us through the challenges of climate change and peak oil. It has become increasingly clear that community-led trade is vital to the process of creating a real change in the food system. We also help the students at QPCS to grow thier our own fruit and vegetables right here in North West London, help bees, create jobs use electric vehicles etc and have lots of ideas about ways to help our corner of North West London become more resilient.

In brief, by being a customer of our Fruit and Veg Bag scheme, your pound helps change what we eat, how we eat and how it’s farmed.

If you have any other questions, then please Contact Us here.