Put a fillet of basa, 100g of smoked salmon trimmings, 1 small leek and 2 teaspoons of chipotle seasoning in a mixer and pulse until the fish protein binds the mixture.  Shape into burgers and fry until browned on one side, then turn.  Don’t be tempted to move them about the pan, they won’t cook well and will fall apart.  Slice aubergine into fingers and brown until soft in coconut oil, 8 minutes, add a teaspoon of chipotle spice, toss about, then add a tablespoon of vinegar, balsamic, sherry or cider.  It will hiss and smoke to burn off alcohol.  Slice the beetroot leaves, grate the beetroot, chop some chives and toss together with the aubergine, some sesame oil and lemon juice.  Eat with burger. 


Play with the ingredients, spices, salad and fish, just don’t waste anything and have fun.