Wild garlic is more delicately flavoured than its conventional counterpart, with triangular shaped stems and leaves which resemble those of lily-of-the-valley. It has all the outstanding health benefits of cultivated garlic and more!  It’s hard to believe that some farmers’ still consider this plant a pesky weed when top chefs are serving it up in Michelin stared restaurants!

Wild garlic is particularly beneficial for cardiovascular health. It’s has anti-diabetic properties by helping to regulate blood sugar, it can reduce total cholesterol levels whilst increasing the healthy HDL cholesterol and it can reduce total triglyceride levels in the blood (all markers for cardio vascular disease). Recent research also suggests that wild garlic has even better blood pressure lowering properties than conventional garlic.

Further research suggests that the leaves of wild garlic may additionally offer anti- cancer protection.

Wild garlic can be used in almost any meal to create a wonderful aroma and flavour. It is particularly delicious in risotto, stir fries and chopped into omelettes. To promote it’s health benefits further, chop the wild garlic and leave it to sit for a few minutes before adding this culinary delight to the finished dish and serve up.

Marcelle Rose is a registered nutritional therapist who runs clinics and workshops in North London. She believes that even small changes to the way we eat can make a big difference to how we feel. You can contact Marcelle at email@marcellerosenutrition.co.uk.