"Summer midweek supper de luxe".  That is how I would have called it if I was writing for a fancy food magazine.  Or "quick and zingy pasta". The de luxe refers to the smoked salmon, the zingy bit to the lemon juice.

It was ready in no time. Fifteen minutes from start to finish maximum, I'd say. It tasted very good. And the best is that it will be just as good cold for when Ben comes home later this evening.

I would high-five myself if I could. Yes! No take-away for me tonight again. Again.


Ingredients (for 2 portions):
-300g-400g French beans
-100g smoked salmon
-juice of one lemon
-160g pasta
-olive oil


Step-by-step instructions:
1. Prepare the French beans. Wash them, trim them and cut them roughly into thirds.
2. Boil some water. Pour in the pasta. You can cook the French beans in the same pan. They need 8 minutes to cook (or a little longer if you don't want them to be crunchy but I think they are better slightly crunchy).
3. Drain the pasta and beans.
4. Cut the smoked salmon into small pieces. Add to the pasta and beans.
5. Add the juice of one lemon.
6. Add 2-3 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper.