We are extremely pleased to publish on our blog a recipe by Jesse Dunford Wood, the chef and owner of Parlour in Kensal Green. Jesse is a great cook (in case you haven't been to Parlour, yet) and we cannot wait to try his summer bean salad recipe at home. Jesse's food in your own kitchen, can you imagine? What a treat!

Here are a selection, or use what you have at hand.

Even some sugar snap and Mange Tout.

-100g cooked and cut bobby beans
-100g cooked and cut yellow wax beans
-100g cooked and sliced runner beans
-100g cooked broad beans
-100g cooked peas
-pea shoots
-chopped shallots & hazelnuts
-hazelnuts for grating on top

-50g hazelnut oil
-50g olive oil
-100g veg oil
-50g white wine vinegar
-20g water
-1 sprigs of tarragon
-1 tsp sugar
-20g Dijon mustard

Step-by-step instructions:
1. Simply whisk all the ingredients together, add a little salt to season, preferably leave to infuse at room temperature overnight. Don't use all the dressing, can be saved for another time..
2. Mix the beans together, use all these, or some of these, what ever you have, with the shallots, top with pea shoots and shaved hazelnuts, then douse in plenty of the well mixed dressing.
3. If you are feeling fancy you can grate some nuts on top of your salad with a microplane grater. Looks like hazelnut snow.