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As a warm hug for our French friends, this week we are featuring a variation of this classic French onion soup recipe by Nigel Slater.

If you have never made an onion soup before, don't hesitate - cheap, rich in flavour and made well can be the ultimate in comfort food.

700g onions - peeled and thinly sliced
40g butter
2tbs flour
1.75 litres of stock (Nigel suggests beef) but if you are a veggie, then use veg stock
1 glass of white wine
A baguette to toast
Emmenthal or Gruyère

Peel and thinly slice the onions
Allow the

Onions to cook and soften in 40g butter, add a small glug of olive oil, stir as you go
They are ready when they have caramelised - sticky and have darkened in colour
(Option to add pinch of sugar to help the onions caramelise more)
Add the flour and stir, cook off the flour for 3 or 4 minutes - stir
Pour in 1.75 litres of hot stock and a glass of white wine
Partially cover with a lid and leave to simmer for a good 30-45 minutes.

Serve into heat proof bowls and put a few thin slices of toasted baguette over the top.
Cover with thinly grated or sliced Gruyère or Emmenthal.
Bake in a hot oven or grill until the cheese has melted (but hasn't too much - you want the cheese to be gooey!)

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