Yesterday evening I prepared my first aloo gobi following a BBC Good Food recipe.

I think aloo gobi is a great way to use cauliflower -especially if your partner/kids are not big on cauliflower.

It doesn't require too many fancy ingredients (apart from ginger root) and you only need one pan to prepare it.

You have to bear in mind that aloo gobi is quite a dry recipe though.  So I recommend you to buy some natural yogurt to serve on the side and some naan bread. (And even if your partner/kids are not fan of yogurt, they may well enjoy it with aloo gobi.)


Have you ever tried to make naan bread? I did a couple of times and I was really quite pleased with the result. I cooked the naan bread in a big frying pan.

If you intend to make your own naan bread, do take into consideration the fact that the dough needs to rise for 30 min/1 hour in some cases.

Naan bread recipes seem to vary quite a lot from one website to another. Some require yogurt, other coconut milk. Not having any coconut milk in the house I used whole milk. I added some cumin seeds to my naan bread. I also added coriander (see photo). Have a good week-end!