We are a Not-Just-For-Profit Co-operative Organic Fruit and Veg scheme, run by a group of local people who love food,are committed to working towards a more sustainable system of food production and believe that we should all be able to afford to eat organic food.   

We work in partnership with selected organic farmers based as close to London as possible, to provide you with the freshest seasonal fruit and vegetables we can find at an affordable price and our fruit  bags only contain Road or Sea Frieghted produce. We don't buy Air Freighted produce.

We work with our local school, Queens Park Community School (QPCS). Working with the students at QPCS we successfully pitched and acquired a biodome for the school from The Eden Project and now work with the students on a Grow to Sell project with their Business Enterprise Department. Going forward, we want to involve lots of students to build a patchwork city farm at various local schools.  We want to provide training and jobs to local people.  We want to reinvigorate our community and strengthen links between people living in our neighbourhood.  We want to do all this and more. Maybe we can even grow Organic food in London?